I would definitely recommend Tabre and his team!

Buying a home in SF is overwhelming and nerve wracking. Working with Tabre was the best decision we made. His personalized approach to our needs and to our search helped us very quickly establish a trust that extended throughout the process…right up to when we closed on our dream place! He was experienced and knowledgeable about the entire process and for every question that came up, he was able to answer or guide us to an answer. Tabre moved very quickly, responding to messages, reaching out on our behalf, and proactively sending us check ins. I never felt like I was left alone in this for one minute. And what I deeply appreciated was how he passionately advocated for us with lenders, selling agents, and anyone who could help us make our home owning dream come true. His deep knowledge about the unique landscape of San Francisco made us feel like we had an insider working for us, especially since this market can be ever-changing and hard to understand. I would definitely recommend Tabre and his team!

Matt D.

He was able to negotiate a great price

My family was looking for an investment property in San Francisco and we were glad Tabre was introduced to us through a family friend. He took the time to explain every step of the process and was able to answer all of our questions. Not only was he able to find a great property he was able to negotiate a great price. I highly recommend Tabre and will gladly refer him to my friends.

Jason Y.

We’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for their next dream home in SF!

We met Tabre at an open house and immediately we knew he would be the right person to have by our side to get into the home of our dreams. In the end, he went above and beyond for us – He worked late on calls with us multiple nights making sure we understand every step of the process, which meant a lot for us as young buyers. He also gave very good financial advice and the introduction to our loan officer proved to be key to packaging the deal that was successful. Tabre is a great combination of being very friendly, but competitive on behalf of his clients! We’d highly recommend him to anyone looking for their next dream home in SF!

Michelle C.

I highly recommend Tabre in this complicated and shifting market

Table helped us navigate the complex home buying process in San Francisco and got us into our new home. He is a strong negotiator, who put us first, and always had our best interests in mind. A few of the things that set Tabre apart are:

– Genuine
– Kind-hearted
– “Always on” and “make it work” attitude
– Honest

I highly recommend Tabre in this complicated and shifting market. Take advantage of his heat passion and drive.

Emily N.

I can’t recommend him enough!

Tabre Hess is an A+++ absolutely fantastic realtor! He has an awesome reputation everywhere (try Googling!), and after closing on the home of my dreams today, with Tabre’s help, I can totally see where that reputation comes from! Tabre is a highly experienced real estate advisor and negotiator, and from our first conversation I was immediately reassured that I was dealing with a subject matter expert! He is very up-beat and generous with his time and knowledge about areas, building styles and anything else that may factor in when you select your home. He is also extremely generous with sharing his exclusive contacts in finance, escrow, physical moving services and craftsmen. I know from experience that these types of contacts are hard-won in life, and I can’t thank Tabre enough for sharing his network so freely and thereby making my home buying journey smooth and anxiety-free. Anytime there was a potential hiccup on the horizon in the buying process, Tabre called me to let me know the issue AND that he had already worked out a solution to my benefit! Lastly, Tabre is just a very pleasant person to deal with. If you’re looking for a realtor, I’d stop looking and just give Tabre a call now instead – I can’t recommend him enough!

Kristian A.

We highly recommend Tabre to help you find your own gem

My partner and i worked with Tabre for over 9 months in pursuit of a home that we would want to call ours for a very long time. Through every step of the way, Tabre walked us through all the ins and outs of the process, and ensured we were comfortable with what we were getting involved with, and what every single part of the process meant.

Tabre set up a RealScout profile for us, based on the things we were looking for in a house, and continually honed it so that we only got notifications for properties that checked the boxes for what we were looking for.

After several months of search, a perfect property emerged, and Tabre was quick to come up with a strategy to make an offer. The strategy worked, and we are now living in our dream house, in no small part thanks to Tabre’s dedication.

Once finances were in motion, he seamlessly worked with my financial advisor and my lender to cross all the i’s and dot all the t’s.

We highly recommend Tabre to help you find your own gem.

Matt C.

Tabre is your perfect choice!

It was absolutely a pleasure working with Tabre! He has many great traits in him – resourceful, personable, empathetic, supportive, just to name a few. Right after he understood what I was looking for in my first home, he quickly put together a game plan, and patiently guided me through the entire process. He negotiated on my behalf multiple times, helping me make a purchase at a very reasonable price, and getting me one-year HOA dues credits from the seller. Honestly, I wouldn’t be able to close my condo within two months without having Tabre always be there. If you’re an active buyer in SF, trust me, Tabre is your perfect choice!

Ying Y.

Coordinated, very responsive, and helpful throughout the process.

After meeting with Tabre and talking about what type of home we were looking for, Tabre took us on a tour of both on-market and off-market homes. We were impressed with how well the homes we visited matched our criteria and Tabre was able to answer all of our questions which made us feel comfortable. After Tabre provided us with a thorough market and comparable analysis, we made an offer on a home in Cow Hollow. After the offer was accepted, Tabre managed the transaction though the escrow process and we closed promptly on time. Tabre and team were coordinated, very responsive, and helpful throughout the process.

Brian T.

Great job Tabre

We toured a 2br 2ba property in Telegraph Hill with Tabre, put in a pre-emptive bid, and were moved in 15 days later. Great job Tabre – you worked your ass off for this deal. (Big thanks also to Torrance Mak over at US Bank for moving so quickly on our financing!)

Ross C.

Would recommend working with Tabre to all buyers!

Working with Tabre was spectacular!! He was very attentive to my needs and never pushed me to do anything I didn’t want to. Within two months of working with each other we managed to identify and close on a home. He did a good job of listening to my needs and weeding out the homes that didn’t fit within my criteria. Would recommend working with Tabre to all buyers!!

Shivu S.

Hustle, tenacity, and “sticktoitiveness” make him ideal

Tabre Hess goes above and beyond for the clients he represents. This I am 100% sure of as I experienced it first hand. Tabre not only is very knowledgeable about market trends, the purchase process, the local housing market, but more importantly his passion and responsiveness is by far what separates him from the rest of the pack. Tabre’s hustle, tenacity, and “sticktoitiveness” make him the ideal Real Estate Agent. There is no doubt in my mind Tabre will go very far in this business and help thousands of others like me find their dream home! Do yourself a favor folks, if you are looking for the best agent in San Francisco, look no further, you’ve found him in Tabre Hess.

Brandon F.

We are very grateful!

This is a review not for the home purchase, but Tabre’s help and support in a follow-up issue several months after closing. Of his own volition he went to bat for us when we had an issue with a city inspector who came up with some BS problem with our home. Tabre successfully mitigated the issue, yielding a resolution avoiding any cost to us and for which we are very grateful!

Tom E.

Truly cares about helping clients accomplish their goals

Tabre is a fantastic realtor! He helped me find my home to purchase after I moved from NYC to SF. He has great relationships with other top realtors and negotiated strongly on my behalf. Tabre was able to get the seller to accept my offer below market value. An uncommon feat in San Francisco! I always felt like Tabre had my best interests in mind. He truly cares about helping his clients accomplish their goals. Thanks, Tabre for helping me purchase my perfect first home!

Anita K.

Hire these guys!

I have now worked with Tabre and the Lurie group on 3 houses, which right there tells you how much I think of them. They know the market, and they work even crazier hours than I do. I have received calls from them on holidays and when I knew for a fact that they were on vacation. They bust their tails 24/7, and they stay on top of deadlines and on top of associates like bankers to make sure that things get done.

For my last home purchase, Tabre got me a house in San Fran that I could afford, without a bidding war and for less than the property appraised. He is a great negotiator. He and his team also managed to close in less than 3 weeks, beating the deadline for the new tax law. I’m still blown away by that.

Hire these guys!

Joseph M.

Tabre is very empathetic to his client’s needs

It was a pleasure working with Tabre. He helped turn the idea of purchasing a condo in San Francisco into reality for me. I happened to run into Tabre one afternoon near AT&T park, where I lived in an apartment. Tabre introduced himself and we decided to meet in his office for follow up on my house hunt. I was casual in my search at that point but at the same time had very specific requirements around parameters like location, direction, budget, number of bed rooms, and amenities etc.
Tabre provided good set of options and direction to my search. He offered advise on a variety of aspects throughout the process (pros n cons of units we visited, referrals, negotiations during final home inspection etc) and helped me in finding the best option for my situation. Tabre is very empathetic to his client’s needs and has wealth of knowledge about SF real estate market. I highly recommend Tabre as a real estate agent.

Dilip P.

Take advantage of his heart passion and drive.

Tabre helped us navigate the complex home buying process in San Francisco and got us into our new home. He is a strong negotiator, who put us first, and always had our best interests in mind. A few of the things that set Tabre apart are: – Genuine – Kind-hearted – “Always on” and “make it work” attitude – Honest I highly recommend Tabre in this complicated and shifting market. Take advantage of his heart passion and drive.

Benjamin W.

I’d definitely recommend him to all family and friends!!

Tabre was such a great Realtor! My fiance and I had met him at an open house, and he approached us as if we had been friends in the past. He was extremely friendly and easy to work with. As two people who didn’t know much about the housing industry (we were buying our first home), he was very helpful in navigating us. Nothing felt forced either – we could choose him as our realtor, or we could move on, no big deal if it wasn’t a good fit. We ended up choosing Tabre, since he was always available when we needed him, and overall a nice guy.

We had an original condo in mind, but wanted to check out others to make sure we knew what we wanted exactly. He helped us scope out other properties within our budget, and attended every visit on demand. It was so helpful and easy to work with Tabre! I’m so glad we had him! He gave helpful insight to new condos, older condos with charm, flipped homes, different neighborhoods, and wasn’t trying to steer us in a particular direction. Rather, he wanted us customers to be happy with our home. I really thought it was helpful too when he went over Pros and Cons of each of our choices. Tabre was also able to negotiate to get around $2k of free homeware credit for our condo, which basically included a brand new washer and dryer, and closet installments!!!!

Tabre is not from the SF Bay Area, but was still very knowledgeable about the different neighborhoods, prices to aim for, and current market.

Tabre is a really nice guy, and it was a pleasure working with him!! I’d definitely recommend him to all family and friends!!

Jocelyn L.

We cannot recommend Tabre highly enough

I first met Tabre Hess at an open house in downtown San Francisco in June 2017. He struck me as a very knowledgeable agent with good track record. I had a good chat and learned a few unique things about San Francisco real estate market. After this, I set up a daily email alert using a pretty good property search system (I highly recommend you give it a try), and kept in touch with Tabre. He was very diligent about contacting me every so often to share information and answer my questions. Coming from Seattle area, there were a lot of things about SF home buying that I needed to learn, and Tabre was a great resource. We decided to work with him to find our new place in downtown SF, after 2-3 months of such interactions.

After finding a couple of candidate properties, Tabre worked with us very closely in making sure the various pieces moved along nicely; getting a mortgage approval, developing an offer package, working with escrow, coordinating with the seller’s agent, lining up all the paperwork (and there are lots of documents), etc. I recall that he replied to 100% of my numerous emails, phone calls & texts.

The most impressive feat that Tabre pulled off was enabling us to win our new home in Duboce Triangle in a great location & in wonderful renovated condition, below listing price. I believe this is a pretty rare event. During escrow and closing Tabre stayed with us and made sure everything concluded well in a timely manner. He also provided valuable contact info for the various folks (cleaner, locksmith, handyman, etc.).

After months of exhaustive and exhausting processes, I am completely convinced that you really need a great real estate agent in San Francisco to find & win your new nest. We cannot recommend Tabre highly enough. He is thorough, patient, flexible, persistent, has a positive attitude, demonstrates high integrity and transparency, on top of being very knowledgeable about San Francisco housing market & having a solid track record.

Brian L.

I cannot recommend Tabre enough!

We happened to meet Tabre on a whim when casually stopping by an open house in Chinatown-Nob Hill after lunch on the weekend. The home was wonderful, but not exactly something we were ready to go all in for. Tabre introduced himself to us and helped us really understand how to approach the SF property buying process from the first time we met him! That day, we went from a casual search to serious prospective home buyers. Tabre is extremely helpful and was able to answer any questions we had, and if he didn’t, immediately connected us to someone who would. He is also really respectful of your needs, if you want him more hands on vs hands off throughout the search. Obviously, we have never done this before, so we felt really comfortable asking him anything.

We eventually picked a condo in Mission Bay, and we are so excited to now be moving into our first home! We definitely would not be able to have survived this crazy process without his help along the way (narrowing down our criteria, selecting our lender, even knowing about the Mission Bay neighborhood). If you are looking for a point person in your home buying process, my husband and I cannot recommend Tabre enough!

Frances P.

I trust him completely and can’t say enough good things about his character and dedication

People say that the home buying process in San Francisco is difficult, but that was absolutely not the case with Tabre – it was easy! Considering it is by far the largest purchase I have made, it was actually the easiest and smoothest process of any financial transaction when you adjust for dollars spent. I made one offer which was accepted within the hour and closed 30 days later. I credit that entirely to Tabre’s work ethic/hustle, his connections, his intimate knowledge of inventory (past, present and future supply), the people he works with in all parts of the process (mortgage – Torrance Mak at US Bank, title company, etc.), his coaching of the buyer along the way and most importantly his dedication to the client and his integrity. We had our introductory meeting May 22nd at 6pm and by 7:15pm we had toured the unit I ultimately purchased (a 2 br 2 ba penthouse in a new development in Nob Hill/Pac Heights) which I closed on July 12.

This would not have been possible with any other agent. He worked hard and more importantly, he works smart and strategic. I trust him completely and can’t say enough good things about his character and dedication to the client. If you are looking to do a residential real estate transaction in SF, help yourself by working with Tabre.

Tristan P.

Truly first rate!

We had the pleasure of working with Tabre on the search for our first home in San Francisco, which is always a daunting process! Table was awesome – super responsive, always on our side, and was able to guide us through the complexities of a TIC purchase, pulling all the pieces together before Christmas. Couldn’t be more happy with the service that Tabre and Alexander provide – they are truly first rate!

Michael S.

He is the most professional person we’ve met in SF real estate industry!

We’re absolutely satisfied with Tabre’s professional service and totally recommend him! He is really knowledgeable about SF real estate business and always responsible. He played proactive role all the stakeholders, toughly negotiated with a seller agent, and organized complicated situation…

Without him, we couldn’t get our ideal home within our budget in the short timeline. He is the most professional person we’ve met in SF real estate industry!

Thank you Tabre!!

Yu M.

We couldn’t be happier with the outcome

Tabre was unrelenting in his work ethic and made sure that we found the ideal home… which happened to be a highly sought after home in Pacific Heights. He was able to use his negotiation skills, and leverage his market knowledge & relationships in the industry to get our preemtive offer accepted for the lowest price possible. He made sure that everything stayed on track until escrow promptly closed. We couldn’t be happier with the outcome.

Tonia R.

I have my own real estate license but I’ve made the conscious decision to work with Tabre

Tabre is the guy you need to work with if you want to find the right home for you in SF. Where do I start? He is great with building relationships and will basically become your buddy who also is finding your dream house. He has many years of experience and can help guide you down the right path. He’s open to ideas and suggestions around listings and will deliver you the best showings time and time again. But he’s also there to laugh with you in the moments where the listings turn out to be nothing like what you want. It’s a a journey. Tabre is consistently there throughout the whole process.

Tabre is there to remind you that the right place is there waiting. He has faith and holds that space for you in your quest to find the best place. He always wants the best for you!

So now you’ve found your dream listing. What now? Tabre helps you kick the tires, ask the right questions, navigate through relevant documents and reports. He will work day and night to get you relevant data on comps. He’s preparing for battle and getting ready to go toe-to-toe with any other realtor in town to win you this listing.

He’ll spend the day scrupulously reviewing offer docs, plans, strategies. When it comes to negotiations, you want Tabre at the table. He saved us tens of thousands of dollars with his negotiation skills and savvy.

Success!! He found you your dream listing!! But hey not so fast, now Tabre and team project manage your funding timeline and help you navigate through the red tape of escrow and mortgage funding. 30 days never seemed so long but Tabre and team are there every step of the way.

Final walkthrough. Hooray! But hey, did Tabre see something that wasn’t quite right? We would have missed it, but Tabre called out an issue with electrical that cost $8k to fix. Guess what, he saved us that money by having the seller pay to fix while we were still in escrow and not on our dime a few days later.

Finally, you sign docs and Tabre’s there to hand you your keys. He lives for this moment. He’s there to celebrate this huge milestone with you with champagne in hand. A class act.

We’ve worked with Tabre on 2 properties in SF over the last 5 years. I have my own real estate license but I’ve made the conscious decision to work with Tabre for both places. He’s that good.

Get the leg up you need in this market and work with the best in the business! Tabre is that guy.

Lauren J.

Knowledgeable of the always-fluctuating SF market

Tabre helped us purchase our first home in San Francisco. He was quite knowledgeable of the always-fluctuating SF market and had his finger on the pulse of what a house was worth and how much we should offer. He listened to our needs and desires and effectively directed us towards the properties that were the best fit for us. If you are looking to purchase a home in SF, I feel quite comfortable recommending you give Tabre a shot. We’re happy we did!

We absolutely recommend Tabre Hess

Tabre Hess with Compass based Hess Real-Estate Team is truly an exemplary agent for both buyers and sellers. Dedicated, driven, and extremely competent, Tabre skillfully navigated both the purchase of our new home and sale of our old. Let me preface this review by saying both my spouse and I are experienced home buyers in San Francisco and elsewhere, and we have never worked with a more diligent, transparent, or sharp agent who consistently went above and beyond the standard expectations of a good agent.

Not only was Tabre able to support us in beating four other offers to purchase our new home (each of which represented a HIGHER monetary offer than our own), but we purchased with an appraisal at a higher value than our final sales price, a truly extraordinary result.

At every step of the way, Tabre placed us strategically ahead of competing offers and also, when in escrow, went above and beyond to ensure a smooth closing when stumbling blocks materialized. In particular, Tabre not only exhibited true savviness, but the ability to meet us at where we were at and honor what we wanted in our next home. Tabre demonstrated unflagging integrity and heart, from connecting us to other extremely competent individuals to ensure our success, to being available and flexible, as well as confidently monitor situations and physically represent us when we had conflicting work hours or childcare constraints, thus manifesting the best possible outcomes for us at every stage of the process time and time again.

As our selling agent of our old home, Tabre was just as dedicated and knowledgeable, encouraging and supporting us to prepare our home to show in the best possible light in the quickest possible turnaround for reasonable pricing. Again, his dedication combined with trusted industry connections and strategic thinking was key is us selling our home for a very competitive price and during a pandemic, no less.

Throughout the selling process, we were again able to rely on Tabre to represent us, from managing the contractors’ day to day to lining up all the prep to put our home on the market, which allowed us to be more stress-free and focus on the joy of settling into our new home.

In conclusion, we absolutely recommend Tabre Hess with Compass based Hess Real-Estate Team to any prospective buyer or seller of a home in San Francisco, and have already done so multiple times within our circle of friends and family. You could not ask for a better agent to be on your team, going to bat for you every step of the way.

Cynthia T.

He was there from start to finish, and helped make the process as smooth and easy as possible

Tabre helped me purchase my first house. He was there from start to finish, and helped make the process as smooth and easy as possible, understanding that I was a first time home buyer. His knowledge of the space, and of the right people in the industry is unmatched. In fact, due to his unparalleled connections, he was able to help me find my dream home before it came on the market. Can’t say enough good things about Tabre and his team!

Sam D.

Tabre is super keyed in to the market and always gave sound advice and candid feedback

We first met Tabre at an open house over a year ago when we were just getting a feel for the market. Fast forward to today — we are now happy homeowners of our dream home in the Mission.

Tabre is super keyed in to the market and always gave sound advice and candid feedback about homes we were considering. I was also blown away by how prompt Tabre was in literally every step of the process. He and his team absolutely know how to hustle! We toured our home on 5/27 and got our keys on 6/17.
We were so impressed by the team’s work ethic and ability to speed through the most painful parts of the home buying process. Can’t say enough good things about Tabre and his team! Trust me, you want him on your side.

Thanks again, Tabre!

Jane K.

By the end of the process, we were thrilled at how much value he brought to us

It’s no fluke that all of Tabre’s reviews are stellar. I am adding to those who are raving on here, and you should definitely work with Tabre if you have the opportunity.

I met Tabre when casually stopping by an open house in Telegraph Hill, as I was scoping out SF before relocating from New York. I mentioned to him half-jokingly that I wanted a dog-friendly place (with no plans of owning a dog) and my husband liked lots of outlets. Tabre hears, listens and remembers. A few months later, when we closed on our new apartment, he surprised me by repeating my introductory words to me. Talk about personalized advice and high touch service!

Tabre has so many standout qualities. Some that come to mind: (1) work ethic and hustle, like keeping up with our double-attorney schedule and being willing to meet and call late at night, (2) patience, like training me not to ooh-and-ahh at every open house and getting us comfortable through other channels so we could put in a stronger no-contingency offer, and (3) networking, by putting us in touch with agents showing off-market places or good contractors. By far the best quality is that you feel he really loves and nerds out about his job. He taught us, recent transplants, so much about the buying process, neighborhoods, constructions, even when he didn’t have to.

And let me tell you, attorneys are cocky and think they can handle anything themselves. But by the end of the process, we were thrilled at how much value he brought to us, and we are total converts!

Anne X.

Nailed the negotiation and got our first offer accepted

I bought my first home with Tabre. He was great showing me homes around San Francisco and was patient as I learned what I wanted in a first home. Once we found it, he nailed the negotiation and got our first offer accepted and stayed on top of everything to make sure the deal went through. Thanks Tabre!

Scott G.

I just have to write a glowing review for Tabre

I don’t usually get around to writing reviews but I just have to write a glowing review for Tabre. I have been living in my new home now for almost a year and I’m so happy…Tabre found me the home of my dreams in two days! He negotiated an unbelievably low purchase price for a brand new condo in South Beach that I honestly never dreamed of getting! He understands the San Francisco marketplace intimately and related well to my needs and wants. I highly recommend his talent if you are looking to buy or sell a home in the Bay Area. I can’t thank you enough Tabre…Siobhan, happy home owner in Southbeach.

Siobhan G.
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